Advisor to New and Growing Companies

General Counsel

My firm assists and empowers clients in organizing and operating their businesses. My services include analyzing and structuring all forms of business transactions, including entity formation, acquisitions and dispositions, governance matters, and licensing and regulatory compliance. I specialize in advising clients in entity formation, governance, financing, trademarks and copyrights, contract negotiation, employment law, and real estate law.


Whether you are pursuing investment from friends and family, debt financing, equity financing, venture capital, or using alternative investment instruments, I can help you negotiate and execute a financing arrangement that works for your company on terms that will not hold you back,completing successful fundraising with a strategic approach.

Alcohol Beverage Production

With an in-depth understanding of the alcohol beverage industry, I am adept at recognizing and rectifying potential issues before they develop into problems. I serve wineries, breweries and distilleries in all legal matters related to the production, distribution and sale of alcohol beverages including liquor law, the marketing and sale of alcohol beverages, taxation, intellectual property, regulatory compliance and dispute resolution.